In Search of Ways to Save on Premiums

This post is made by a guest blogger, Roberta Mejia from  It provides an answer to one of the most often asked question about long term care, and that is how to save on premiums.

Are you in need of tips to save on long term care?  Then you are reading the right article.  The cost of this insurance can be discouraging for some but being aware of the available discounts and saving methods can help you get over this fear.

Knowing how to make premiums manageable and affordable can remove the dilemma of purchasing LTCI.  If you think you really need it, do not let costs deny you access to premium long term health care.  Prices rise yearly.  If you buy a policy now, it can help you a lot.  The price today would be cheaper than next year.  Additionally, it is important to know that the rates in different care settings and the services they provide swell annually as well.

Choosing a financially stable and trustworthy company can ensure you safe and reliable deals.  With this, you know that your money is safe and that your financial pool can be well managed.  Do your research.  Check their profiles and know their credit history and credibility.  See what other policyholders from that company has to say about them.

Next, what you would want to do is get a good deal.  In your research, you should have included getting free quotes from those companies you have shortlisted.  This allows you to compare and save on prices.  Seek the advice of financial experts and talk with agents.  They might be able to give you advice as well on how to properly manage the costs.  Most of the companies offer free calculations from different insurance carriers.  You can Visit for long term care insurance premiums calculations.

Now, talking about discounts, there might be something available for you.  For those who are employed, you can ask your employer about group policy.  Some employers can also shoulder a portion of the premium, therefore lowering your payment.   Moreover, LTC benefits can also be added as a rider for those who have an existing life or annuity policy.  For married couples, a joint policy can be a good option to cover both spouses.  Preferring a policy with the longest waiting period can also give additional savings.

Checkout the website for additional information on proper LTC planning and how you can save on long term care costs.

2 Responses to "In Search of Ways to Save on Premiums"
Jonard Smith said...

For your retirement future plans, aim for the best deal that can handle your health well. Search for the right method wherein you can save and benefit the best services as well. Avoid the dilemma and anxieties because of the high cost insurance that doesn't provide the complete service you require. Yes, what was written on the above article is good thing to follow. Be ready for the upcoming events and get a long term care insurance plan that can stabilize your assets, liabilities, health and family intact.

March 9, 2013 at 1:21 AM
Holly Murs said...

This is a good post Seth. I find it very helpful for those who are still on the phase ogf looking for long term care insurance. We all know that ltc insurance are expensive and are getting even more expensive over time. So, people need to know ways on how they can afford a policy to keep them protected from debilitating long term care expenses.You have mentioned that people need to check for long term care insurance quotes to compare, in lined with that, I hope can help your readers with that. There they can request quotes from different companies making it easy for them to compare and choose.
Thanks for this Seth!

April 21, 2015 at 7:25 PM

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