Types of Care Covered by Medicare

The public should know that there are only certain kinds of care that the Medicare can cover and knowing these types can help them decide if they should buy their own insurance or still depend on whatever assistance Medicare could give them.

1. Home Health Care.

If a doctor suggests that you need short-term skilled care because of a minor injury or disease, then Medicare can pay for the medical workers that will be assigned to take care of your needs but the benefit coverage will still be limited, which is usually only less than 35 hours a week.

2. Skilled Nursing Facility Care. 

Medicare can pay for a maximum of 100 days of receiving skilled nursing care after a three-day hospital stay. However, the coverage ends when the person does not need any treatment regardless if the coverage was shorter than 100 days.

3. Hospice. 

Hospice care is covered by Medicare as long as a doctor certifies that the individual has a terminal illness and will have not more than six months to live.

The question is, will Medicare pay for your long term care? Do not take useless risks and start taking responsibility for your LTC needs. Since it covers just certain portions of the medical requirements of a person, it is still a better idea to avail a private LTC insurance policy that has wider scope and longer benefit coverage period.

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