Options Available For Long-Term Care

Depending on the person's needs and health conditions, there are various options available for long term care. Below are some common types of care and their definitions:

1. In-home care

Nursing or personal aides come into a person's home (or that of a loved one) to provide assistance with self-care (like personal grooming, bathing and administering medications) and daily activities (like housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping and bill paying)

2. Adult day programs

Social programs providing on-site exercise, enrichment and medical care at a central location

3. Retirement communities

Apartments or condos provided specifically for elderly people who have need for some on-site services like some meals, transportation, activities and housekeeping assistance

4. Assisted living facilities

Designed for those senior citizens who need slightly more day-to-day assistance than that offered in a retirement community, including help with medication administration, personal grooming (bathing, dressing and toileting), basic medical care (like regular blood pressure or glucose checks) and socialization

5. Nursing homes

Round-the-clock care and supervision for those whose illness or injuries prevent them from living independently or those who need end-of-life assistance; nursing homes provide for both personal and medical needs of residents, and most offer higher-level medical services like physical therapy, laboratory testing and assistance with ventilators, catheters and colostomy bags

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