Long Term Care Quotes: How to Obtain Them Online?

I must confess my obsession with gathering information online. Since the birth of the Internet it seems that I have completely severed my relationship with my television, plus I have also ended my subscription of the daily newspaper. For 10 years I was like that until I needed long term care quotes.

Not for myself though I could benefit from it in the long run, too. I was thinking of purchasing a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy for my folks since they are not getting any younger. Dad is 53 while Mom is 52. I learned from a close friend who recently availed a comprehensive policy from one of the leading LTCI carriers in the country that if I want my parents to grow old in comfort, I should initiate a plan for them because they won’t do it themselves.

Her tales of senior citizens over the age of 70 who have gone broke due to the cost of care really saddened me and I realized right I couldn’t stand my parents going through the same thing.

 My friend’s stories, indeed, affected me because she and Mom are almost of the same age. Perhaps, she’s younger by two or three years only but she decided to secure an LTCI policy earlier because she’s not married and she doesn’t have kids.

So, I took the initiative to research about the nature of LTCI and the benefits that one can receive from it. According to my friend, before buying her policy she went to seek advice from the Department of Insurance because she was initially clueless about LTCI companies and agencies. She was given a list of companies that are licensed to operate and sell LTCI policies in the state, which she used in her online research.

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